RYA First Aid

It’s the middle of the night and you are halfway across the channel when one of your crew suddenly collapses. Would you know what to do? The RYA First Aid course is designed to teach you exactly what to do in these situations. From the minor ailments such as headaches, sunburn and small lesions through to the immediate response to serious medical emergencies. 

This course covers the situations that a yachtsman is likely to encounter. There is particular emphasis on resuscitation techniques and the “first care” of a man overboard victim. Your instructor will explain the procedures for obtaining outside medical assistance such as “pan pan” and the helicopter rescue service and can advise you on the correct first aid stores for your own boat. Our instructors all have experience of the particular difficulties of administering first aid within the confines of a small boat away from land and you will have the chance to try actions such as CPR and the recovery position both in the classroom and on a yacht.

Duration: 1 Day 

Course Location: Hartlepool Marina, UK

Previous Experience Required: None

Course Overview: The key aims of the RYA First Aid Course are to ensure that the student is able to:

  • Perform CPR and know how this differs on a drowned person
  • Demonstrate how to turn a casualty into the recovery position and understand the importance of maintaining the airway
  • Understand the effect of cold shock and how to treat hypothermia from immersion and exposure
  • Recognise the signs and implications of reduced responsiveness in a person with a head injury
  • Apply direct pressure to a wound and control bleeding.
  • Recognise and treat seasickness and dehydration
  • Obtain medical advice and assistance using the VHF radio
  • Know how to prepare for helicopter evacuation

Itinerary:  0900 until approximately 1730

What’s Included:  All course materials including a comprehensive First Aid manual to take away. Morning and afternoon tea You just need to bring a notepad and pen. You can get lunch from Navigation Point on the Marina.or alternatively bring a packed lunch with you

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At the completion of the course you will be issued with the RYA First Aid Certificate. This certificate is valid for 3 years from the time of issue and is a prerequisite for those taking the Coastal Skipper / Yachtmaster Offshore Examinations.

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